Since I took my Spanish A level several years ago, I was keen to maintain and if possible develop my Spanish. So, apart from infrequent trips to Spain the obvious route was to find a course to follow and a teacher. I tried one at the University, the teacher who had taught me at A level, a local group who met on a weekly basis to name but a few.  Somehow none of these responded to my needs, perhaps I was just too demanding and inflexible? It would seem not!  Within a couple of weeks of having met Víctor I suspected that I might have finally struck gold.  My lessons with him were not just a pleasure but they were fact-filled and I really felt that I was making progress as well as covering old ground. I have alternated between having one-on-one sessions with Víctor and María who both work on the same basis; we cover some grammar, we have abundant conversation and we cover a multitude of topics, often about Spain and their life in Seville. I have been having weekly sessions with María for the several months now, Víctor might step in to cover, either way, I still feel relieved and grateful that I have finally found a great source of Spanish tuition in Huddersfield with Víctor and María.

Fiona (U.K.)

Víctor is a truly gifted teacher who engages his students and creates an open and comfortable learning experience. He is very enthusiastic about what he does and conveys this enthusiasm to his students through thoughtful, creative, and varied lesson plans. I am sure it is challenging to not only create activities that are educational and inspiring, but also ones that can keep the students actively engaged during an extended class period. Víctor excelled in all of these areas! Each class was filled with activities designed to meet various learning styles. From day one, Víctor was a very encouraging and supportive teacher who made learning fun!

Most importantly, the relaxed atmosphere that Víctor created within the class facilitated easy conversation where I felt free to talk without worrying about making mistakes. To me, this is the most important aspect of the class and it is one which I feel can be directly attributed to Víctor’s teaching style and personality.

Rebecca (U.S.)

Víctor is a great teacher. I love his enthusiasm about Spanish language and culture. I like the fact that although he is perfectly prepared for every lesson, he is at the same time very flexible and adjusts the speed of teaching to you. In our lessons we also revise regularly, which makes it easier for me to remember things. However the lessons are never boring! I like how he focuses on practical day to day things as well as grammar and that I really feel like part of the whole lesson rather than somebody who just listens. If there is anything specific of your interest that you want to practise / learn all you have to do is mention it to him. In my opinion, the fact that he is Spanish makes a big difference especially when it comes to practising speaking and listening skills. He is very helpful, supportive but most importantly he makes learning interesting and fun. He really enjoys teaching, and you can tell!

Monika (Czech Republic)

While I was living in Seville, I took private lessons with María.  María worked with me on grammar and conversation skills as well as on Spanish history, art, and other cultural aspects.  In fact, María helped me improve my Spanish by incorporating Spanish culture into her lessons.  Not only did her lessons allow me to better understand grammar rules, learn vocabulary, and improve my conversation skills, but I also learned a lot about different aspects of Spanish culture. The best part about it was that it hardly felt like work since I was always interested in the new things that she was going to teach me.  I don’t think that I would have nearly as good of an understanding of the language and the culture had I not taken lessons with María.

Eric (U.S.)