What sort of equipment do I need for the online lessons?

First of all, obviamente, a device with an internet conexion. A computer would be better but a tablet, or even a smartphone will do. 

In terms of software we use Skype or Zoom to make the call. It is better if you have a user account for any of those, but not essential. We will also open an online document on Google docs to work in sync, so you will need a google account (It’s completely free and we can help you create one if you don’t know how). 

You don’t need to buy any materials as we will prepare resources for you.

What are standard lessons like?

Our standard lessons are comprehensive language lessons which will cover grammar and vocabulary in a communicative context. That means that the lesson will start with an introduction and contextualisation of the content so that everything makes sense. The teacher plans the lesson to include varied exercises and follow up corrections, so you will have the chance to practise all four skills (speaking, writing, reading, listening). 

What are conversational lessons like?

These are lessons designed to help you improve your fluency and communicative oral and listening skills. They consist of 20-25 min conversational time plus 5-10 min of corrections and tips from the teacher. They tend to be more informal and relaxed. Some students prefer the teacher to start with a prompt (something in the news, a question about your week, etc) to get the conversation going; others come to lessons with a specific topic they would like to talk about.

What is a trial lesson?

It’s a free 30-minute lesson we offer our new subscribers. It’s an opportunity for students to tell the teachers what they are interested in, what their goals are, and to understand what an online lesson looks like. The teacher can in turn check the students’ level to adjust the lessons to their particular needs.

Do I need to commit to a number of lessons?

No. You can pay as you go, normally after each lesson. However, you can also pay for packs of lessons in advance and get a discount on the hourly price. For example a 5-lesson pack will have a 10% discount on the original price. Check our prices for more information.

Do lesson packs expire?

No. If you pay for a 5 or 10 lesson-pack you decide when to take the lessons (depending on availability of the teacher).

How can I make the payment?

Through a normal bank transfer.

Can I change or cancel the date of a class?

Yes, of course. We would ask you to let us know with at least a 24h notice, but we understand sometimes that’s not possible so we are flexible.